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Coronavirus and Work Exclusion

Coronavirus update March 11

Exclusion periods

The incubation period and hence exclusionary periods are apparently quite variable.

A reasonable exclusion period for someone who may have come in contact with the virus is two weeks.

At the end of that time most people are likely to have either had it or will not get it.

It is reasonable to return to the workplace after a two week self isolation if no symptoms, however mild, have been experienced.

It is not possible to categorically certify someone clear of the virus because of the variability in presentation, incubation and infectivity, but the Department of Health considers the two week self isolation period to be adequate. This is a State decision and recommendation aimed at keeping the general population as safe as feasible.

As individual GP’s we will continue to tackle the issue as aggressively as possible. The mainstay is a high level of vigilance and suspicion along with a readiness for people who may be affected to self isolate when needed.



March 11 2020