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The End of the Beginning

We are down to well under 100 new cases of coronavirus each day. Your chance of catching it is now only about 2 to 4 per million per day. You run a bigger risk driving to work. So you can attend your medical appointments. Your risk is very very low in those circumstances.  The risk is much much greater around a hotspot where there has been a case in the last week or two. We are seeing the population wide benefit of social distancing, good hand sanitizing, and border closure.

You can see the family this Easter in relative safely unless you yourself are at high risk of having coronavirus because you are a recent traveller or have been associated with a hot spot. Examples include the Adelaide airport baggage handling area. Keep the group to under 10 and practice social distancing.


Side effects of coronavirus self-isolation
We have to start balancing the death rate from other conditions made worse by lack of treatment against the daily 2 in a million chance of catching coronavirus and then actually dying from it.


The psychology of social distancing.

We are social creatures. We thrive in relationship with each other. Social isolation is damaging. So we need to stay in touch with each other in creative ways. Perhaps see the grandparents without a hug, for once.


Sir Winston Churchill, one of my childhood heroes, said it best.

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”