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Coronavirus and visiting the GP – better than ever

We have been working very hard over the past two months to make our surgery a very safe place to visit.


We have removed half the waiting room chairs, put up acrylic front desk screens, installed hand-sanitiser stations, opened Unit three (up the steps) as a separate consulting area, and I have set up remote access for our Doctors so they can consult from anywhere. We have an intense roster of sanitizing all our chairs, doors knobs, surfaces. The results been a dramatic restructuring of how we operate.

We make alternate consults via telehealth. While there has been concern expressed about the long term safety of telehealth, it does serve some purpose in the short term. It’s ideal for the one problem one consult style of medicine Visiting in person still provides a more thorough, intelligent and comprehensive consultation.


So when you visit the Surgery you can wait in comfort with plenty of space around you in a frequently cleaned chair, or you can ring from your car and let us know you have arrived. We will ring back or bring you in.