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World Family Doctor Day

 Family doctors are at the front line in keeping you safe; not just from epidemics like Covid-19, but also in the prevention and management of both common and uncommon diseases and their complications. So often they are the “first in and last out” when it comes to managing many conditions.

Make sure your family and loved ones – whether it’s the very young, the middle aged or the older members, have access to good advice from their GP. Preferably in person, and preferably in a timely manner that allows the prevention and early diagnosis of life threatening diseases, and the prevention of complications from those diseases. GP’s are specialists in the management of chronic and multiple diseases, bringing together each individual person’s unique collection of physical, psychological and social characteristics. This requires a unique set of approaches to each person and a relationship built over time.

All over the world, no matter what the disease, GP’s have been and are on the front line and are the first in and last out. The unique challenge facing Australians at the moment is to go back to seeing their GP as they would do normally so that our high standards of early diagnosis, efficient management and excellent outcomes can be maintained despite what is happening in other countries. 

Make that appointment now.