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What does the future hold for COVID-19?

A précis about our future with COVID-19……   

In South Australia we have the opportunity to keep it under control for an extended time.

This may well give us the opportunity to introduce immunisation and rid ourselves of the risk by means other than the public health measures we use at present.

Sensible distancing, good hand hygiene, staying home with respiratory illnesses all serve to keep us very safe.

Here is the restriction checker to keep you up to date.

I doubt we have to worry about the “second wave” in South Australia. We will get the occasional accidental case brought in. Our Premier is listening to, and acting on the advice of our Chief Medical Officer.

Other states have not been as lucky, and have run social/community based experiments that have not worked. However, with the exception of Victoria, their experience is still more “spot fires” than the sudden acceleration of numbers we saw in March that could be called a “second wave”.

It was to be expected that the AFL experiment would come undone. There will continue to be the risk of  outbreaks in Victoria and NSW that are less of an issue for SA.  We could still improve on screening people coming to SA and make our contact tracing more watertight.

The demographic getting tested in SA is still largely those who are sensible, conscientious and mature enough in their thinking to recognise the need. I call the thinking of this group “conventional.”  Unfortunately there is always a group in every society whose thinking style is preconventional. They are more likely to believe the Covid-19 tracking app is a Government conspiracy and that the rules do not apply to them (“nobody tells me what to do“). This group is still being under-tested, under-tracked, and has been most responsible for community spread everywhere.

If you look around the world you see how well prompt and well organised border protection, airport fever checks, prompt and well administered isolation, sophisticated contact tracking, and widespread testing have made all the difference. The best solutions have been simple and cheap and rely on a well informed and engaged population in partnership with a prepared leadership listening to good science.

We have bought the requisite few months to set up our spare hospitals such as Glenelg and Wakefield St with the appropriate staff and equipment. We now have good contact tracing.  Pathology SA has done a stellar job with making testing easily available and with a quick turnaround time.

At our Practice we have continued to explore the best evidence-based methods of risk minimisation to keep our patients, staff, and families as safe as possible.

So relax and enjoy living here in SA. Don’t listen to too much TV or tune in to too many reports. That only serves to amplify your personal risk in your mind.

Importantly, if the stress is still affecting you, let your loved ones and healthcare advisors know. We have the appropriate people to help you work through it.


Get some exercise. It’s the walking season.

Lose the Covid kilos.

Start planning holidays close to home.

Socialise with family and friends in accordance with current best practice.