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Covid-19. Good news and a greater safety

 “A torrent of good news about Covid-19“ 

 Watch this superb YouTube presentation by Dr John Campbell

Dr John Campbell is a retired Nurse educator in the United Kingdom. He explains in plain language some of the current evidence about the coronavirus. His approach is to analyse credible evidence in quality scientific papers and provide us with a sensible explanation of the current scientific thinking. His presentation gives us hope for the future management of the infection.  

I encourage you to follow him on YouTube because of his balanced view.


Keeping you safe

From our perspective at Aberfoyle Park Medical Centre we believe that it is essential that the more vulnerable members of our population are offered even greater protection. This is specifically aimed at those who are older and those who have chronic disease.

We have adopted a policy of maximising the safety of our patients and staff.

To achieve this we screen each appointment at the time of booking. Our questions are aimed at clarifying whether the person involved needs to have a Covid-19 test. If the test is necessary, we organise it and then offer the patient a phone appointment with one of our doctors. This lessens the risk to patients at the surgery to less than the risk in most other places they may go in their everyday lives.