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Welcome to the Aberfoyle Park Medical Centre



If you think you may have coronavirus, try this symptom checker:


Our planning for this epidemic began in early February. We have put in place a number of measures to keep you and our Staff safe. These include front counter Perspex screens, hand-sanitizer outside the doors, the use of masks and gloves and frequent cleaning of all surfaces.

I am so proud of our Reception, Management and Nursing team. They have been inspiring; learning new procedures, answering an avalanche of questions, meeting people at the door or outside to minimize contagion risks, putting in lots more hours cleaning the Surgery several times a day, dealing with Government departments. They have shown immense self control, courage and initiative under stressful operating conditions. All in a matter of a few days. I am conscious of having a duty of care to them to keep the workplace as safe as possible for everyone.

Thank you to the Doctors who have gone on consulting and who have been going out to people’s cars to take swabs. You are true Professionals in the best possible way. I love your quiet achieving, your focused selfless approach day after day – bottled diligence amongst the chaos.

We have  set up off-site computer access, and are expanding the capability of working remotely to duplicate off-site all the critical equipment and functionality we have on-site.

Most of our Doctors are at high risk of complications if they do get the coronavirus, so I have a duty of care to them for their own sakes as well as to keep them providing a service to you. Their risk remains many times higher than that of the average population.

We are therefore moving to telephone consulting in a planned fashion. This allows us to limit the Surgery consultations to those that absolutely have to be in person, and to minimize the spread of the virus.




At all times we aim to offer a quality, caring service.  Please feel free to make any suggestions to help improve our service to you.

We are a six Doctor accredited General Practice serving the community in Aberfoyle Park, Flagstaff Hill and Happy Valley. We are fortunate enough to be the overall winners of the National Kidney Health Australia award for excellence in the early detection and management of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Our Goal
Our goal is to offer long-term continuity of care for you and your family as individuals within a physical, emotional, social and cultural context.

Our Approach
We seek the best evidence-based information from around the world so that the care you receive will be up to date today, and still valid tomorrow.

Our Network
If you need care from sources outside the practice, we will help you find the choice that is best suited to you from our extended network of trusted colleagues.


Office Hours
Monday – Friday 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM
(Doctors consult from 8.30am to 6pm)

Saturday  – Currently we are closed Saturdays due to the COVID-19 outbreak to provide some relief for our Doctors and Staff.  We will re-assess this situation in due course.

We are closed on Sundays, Public Holidays and Saturdays of Long Weekends.

Online Booking Available Here 

Or go to and log in.



Our practice runs on an appointment system.

Appointments are usually booked for 10 – 15 minutes, however longer times are available upon request. If you wish to have a full medical examination or have several problems you wish to discuss with your doctor, you may need a longer appointment, so please inform the receptionist when booking your appointment.

You can book an appointment online or call us on 08 8270 5211


Appointment Cancellations
If you are unable to attend your appointment, please notify our reception staff at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.  Due to the high demand for appointments, a non-attendance fee may be charged if you do not arrive for your appointment or if you cancel at short notice.


In a medical emergency always phone 000 for an ambulance or attend the Accident & Emergency Department of your nearest hospital for immediate medical attention.

A list of local emergency services can be found on this page.


Home Visits
Arrangements can be made for a doctor to visit you at home in certain circumstances, however higher fees do apply to home visits.  Please discuss this with the receptionist.


Prescription Policy
All prescriptions (including repeats) require a consultation with a doctor. Although this may seem inconvenient at times, we provide a consistent level of care to all patients and in most cases ongoing monitoring is required.


Referral Policy
Referrals for tests or to specialists can only be given after an assessment by a doctor, and cannot be backdated.  The service provider or specialist you are referred to may charge a fee, please contact the service provider for information about their fees.


Telephone Policy
Office staff will obtain sufficient information from the caller to evaluate whether an immediate response from the Doctor is required.  If it is not urgent, all necessary information will be passed on to the Doctor and the call will be dealt with appropriately. Urgent matters will be attended to immediately.


Medical Certificates
Medical and sickness certificates can only be issued as a result of a consultation with the Doctor. Legally, medical certificates cannot be backdated.


Test Results
At the time of your consultation, please discuss with your Doctor when and how you are to follow up test results.  In many cases the office staff are able to advise patients of the Doctors recommendations after results are received and checked.


Reminder Service
This practice provides a Cervical Screening reminder service. If you do not wish to receive a reminder notice, please let the receptionist know.


Infection Control
All non-disposable instruments are sterilised in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 4187 – 1998.


Flu Vaccines are available from April/May.  We arrange some extra flu vaccination clinics in March and April.  Ring to make an appointment in April.

Currently flu vaccines are free for people over 65 and anyone with specific medical conditions, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 6 months old, pregnant women and children 6 months to 5 years. If you are under 65, and don’t fit these criteria we can arrange a script for you or you may be able to be vaccinated at your pharmacy. Some pharmacies are running flu vaccination clinics for people between 10 and 64. Contact your pharmacy to book.

Travel Vaccines are prescription medications, and a consultation with a doctor is required prior to seeing the nurse. Travel vaccines can be purchased from your local pharmacy, and you will need to bring these to your appointment.  Please attend at least 6 weeks prior to your travel.


Management of Patient Health Information
Your medical record is a confidential document.  It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.

All patient consultations and medical records are strictly confidential and no information will be released unless your prior approval has been obtained.

Privacy Policy Aberfoyle Park Medical Centre 2019


Access to Your Health Information
Patients have the right to access their personal health information.  It is our policy that the patient makes an appointment with the Doctor concerned regarding access to their files.


Electronic Communication
In order to maintain security of patient information Aberfoyle Park Medical Centre does not use email to communicate or transfer any information regarding patients.


Translators and Interpreters
English is the only language spoken at the practice but a full range of Interpreter services are offered through the Translating & Interpreting Services (TIS National) – 131 450


Child Safe Policy
Doctors and staff at the Practice follow a code of conduct relating specifically to the relationship between this practice and children.  The Practice has a Child-Safe Policy AMA(SA).  Our staff and Doctors have Child related employment screening.


Feedback & Complaints
We value your comments and feedback. Please do not hesitate to discuss any concerns you have regarding the Practice with the Doctor or office staff.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the care you receive please feel free to discuss this with your Doctor or the office staff and we will try to deal with your problems promptly and to your satisfaction.

However, if you wish to pursue a problem outside the Practice, information is available from the Health and Community Service Complaints Commissioner. You can contact them by phone on 8226 8666 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Thursday, or by mail to The Complaints Commissioner, PO Box 199, Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000)

Thank you for choosing us as your family practice.  We hope our service has been a pleasant experience for you and your family and that we can continue to be of service to you in the future.